Snow makes us feel cozy during christmas time and makes the cold, quiet streets look beautiful, but it can also be dangerous. Our snow removal and salting services can help you to overcome problems during winter conditions. If your driveway or commercial property isn’t cleared, it very quickly becomes a safety hazard for your family or your customers. During a snowy period, vision is obstructed for pedestrians and drivers, and roads are either thick with ice/compacted snow or covered in slush. Cars cannot turn properly nor is stopping completely safe - the icy conditions put pedestrians in danger of slipping, and drivers in danger of car crashes.

This is why Richmond Blacktop is here to help. We can clear your property of built up snow so you can avoid costly consequences. Driveways, sidewalks, commercial parking lots, schools or shopping malls - we do it all. Our team is always prepared on every job with the proper outerwear and equipment to get the job done in a timely and efficient manner.

In addition, we will salt the path to further ensure your property is completely slip-resistant and ice-free. Salt melts the ice around it and lowers its freezing point, turning it from solid to liquid. The higher the potency of the salt solution, the lower the freezing point. A vital point to make is that during the winter when freeze-thaw cycles are hard at work expanding and deteriorating your asphalt, the removal of snow and salting of the surface will greatly lower the risk of major damage happening. Since the salt solution lowers the freezing point there is less worry that the surface revealed during the warmer months will be damaged. Aside from melting the ice on your property, salt will create extra grip on shoes for optimal safety and friction.

Benefits of Snow Removal & Salting

  • Increased safety on your property for fellow pedestrians, customers and familyA job done by Richmond
  • Blacktop's experts ensures peace of mind that the job is done right
  • Prompt clean-up during day or night with minimal disturbance to your business
  • Responsive, well prepared and quick during snowstorms
  • Elimination of stress of the client having to perform the task themselves

With over 40 years of experience, Richmond Blacktop is the go-to paving company for Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. Visit our Contact Us page to send us a message with your questions and comments and get a free estimate! If you have already worked with us, be sure to head over to our Testimonials page and leave us a comment describing your experience! We welcome constructive criticism so we can work hard towards serving you better during our next collaboration. We will make sure every project is uniquely customized based on the needs of the client, to ensure a final product that you will be proud to show off.