Why Sealcoat Your Surfaces?

The primary benefit of seal coating pavement is to protect it from the deteriorating effects of the elements and oil/petroleum products. Harsh weather conditions such as wind, rain and water can cause the pavement to oxidize and deteriorate over time, which in turn, will cause it to crumble and crack. Tree roots can also cause deterioration to the condition of your driveway, pushing up to the surface and causing cracks and crumbling. This is especially true in the wintertime when water freezes and the freeze-thaw cycle begins to deteriorate the asphalt. This creates tiny cracks, reduces its flexibility and ability to adapt to traffic flow and changes in seasonal temperatures. By seal coating, the waterproof layer that is installed slows oxidization and stops water from entering the roadbed and decreasing its life span. An experienced paving company can help to stop and reverse these effects with a seal coat over top.

A relatively sound and new driveway can be additionally protected from further deterioration and shortening of life span with a simple seal coat. The same way a top coat of nail polish seals in the colour and lengthens how long it lasts on your nails, or how cream extends the youth and beauty of your skin, seal coat by a professional and skilled paving company extends the life and quality of your driveway paving.

Benefits of Sealcoating

  • Exceptional protection against deterioration caused by aging, weather, chemicals and traffic
  • Increased flexibility to allow the asphalt to adapt to weather and traffic changes
  • Slowed oxidization and hardening process
  • Waterproof later keeps moisture out
  • No more brittle, cracked pavement
  • Extended protection and durability
  • Extended lifespan

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