Concrete Removal & Replacement

Concrete removal and replacement entail removing old, brittle or damaged concrete and replacing it with a new layer of concrete. This automatically gives the surface being replaced with an increased lifespan and gives our expert staff a chance to evaluate any existing issues or damage. If there is too much damage to make minor adjustments or small fixes, complete removal and replacement is the best option to ensure the utmost long-lasting durability.

Areas that may benefit from the demolition and replacement of concrete may include driveways, sidewalks, slabs and commercial or residential parking lots. In terms of commercial parking lot, it is especially important to pay close attention to deterioration and cracking as these areas usually withstand high amounts of traffic and weight from heavy loading trucks and heavy product. Areas taking on so much weight need to be evaluated regularly to avoid accidents, heavy damage and detrimental cracking.

Benefits of Concrete Removal & Replacement

    • Full reconstruction of old, damaged, brittle or cracked concrete
    • Extended lifespan
    • The elimination of major existing problems where patching is not an option
    • Structural repair

Concrete is a great long term investment and a material that reaps multiple benefits. It is important that when a removal and replacement of an old construction takes place the job gets completed with the best equipment, by the most experienced workers in the field in a timely manner - and that is exactly what you can expect from Richmond Blacktop. With over 40 years of experience, Richmond Blacktop is the go-to paving company for Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. Visit our Contact Us page to send us a message with your questions and comments and get a free estimate! If you have already worked with us, be sure to head over to our Testimonials page and leave us a comment describing your experience! We welcome constructive criticism so we can work hard towards serving you better during our next collaboration. We will make sure every project is uniquely customized based on the needs of the client, to ensure a final product that you will be proud to show off.