Concrete Paving

Concrete paving is a substantial investment and can dramatically change and improve the look of a property. It is sophisticated, easy to clean and incredibly durable and sturdy. A great thing to point out about concrete is if it does crack, it will usually crack in one line, making the replacement of damaged areas incredibly efficient and easy. When you choose concrete, you choose a material that does not burn or create molten material in a fire. This can be a life saving and life changing decision to make, especially for countries where the temperatures during the summer months are significantly higher than those of the rest of the world. We always ensure the job is done in a timely manner, with materials that will be worth your financial investment by lasting a lifetime and enduring the ever-changing weather conditions of Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.

Choosing concrete has a number of benefits that can improve the quality and life of your paving project. Concrete is a durable material with a long life span and can increase the value of a commercial or residential property.

Benefits of Concrete Paving

  • Flood resilience - water resilient and greatly reduces flood impact
  • Fire-resistant - does not burn, produce smoke or drip molten material
  • Durable - concrete’s long life span equals
  • Great long term investment - concrete is preferred over wood and concrete requires less repairs over time
  • High levels of thermal mass - concrete is brilliant at storing, retaining and releasing heat which is crucial to temperature control

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