Asphalt Paving Vancouver

Asphalt is one of the most widely used, most durable and Versatile materials around and can be installed in many different colours and designs. Not only is it a great investment, but it is also cost efficient and easy to install. Asphalt paving exists on 94% of American roads, and on over 90% of Canadian roads. It consists of two main ingredients: aggregate (crushed gravel, stones and sand) and liquid asphalt (bitumen) which is the glue that holds the aggregate together. What you are left with is asphalt - the most popular material for road surfacing all around the world. When you are working with such a widely used product, you need to have a high level of expertise to build roads that will be used by families, children and drivers alike.

Something important to keep in mind with when it comes to asphalt is prevention and maintenance. Prevention and maintenance are key in ensuring your property's newly asphalt paved surface lasts the twenty years it is meant to. By installing a sealcoat, for example, you are preventing future damage from taking place by creating a waterproof barrier of sorts between the asphalt and damaging substances. These damaging substances include things like the elements, and gas and petroleum products. In terms of maintenance, a proper cleaning will flush out the dirt and debris that settles into the pores of the asphalt on a regular basis. A vital step in maintaining your property is the removal of snow and salting of the surface during wintertime as this will greatly contribute to how well the asphalt withstands the cold without damage or cracking. There are so many things to take into consideration, but Richmond Blacktop will be happy to provide you with further information so that you can care for your property.

Benefits of Asphalt Paving Vancouver

We offer a number of asphalt paving Vancouver services including removal and replacement, seal coating, patching and overlays all available to residential and commercial properties. Our asphalt services also extend to road striping with high quality, durable paints. When you work with Richmond Blacktop, you work with experts that will get your project done quickly, efficiently, and up to the highest industry standard. Please be sure to contact us - we can meet you for a free consultation, evaluate the property and answer any questions you may have.