Asphalt Overlays

Due to the fact that an asphalt overlay does not require the removing of old asphalt, it is the least expensive, most economical solution to renewing an old asphalted surface. Making a good first impression is important when it comes to your property, whether it is residential or commercial. An overlay will greatly improve the look of your surface if the old asphalt has simply faded too much, or if there are too many areas needing fixing to consider patching ideal. This method entails simply paving over the old surface with a layer of new asphalt. Choosing this option will allow for quicker project completion, and the benefits of a brand new surface without the price tag and downtime of full removal and replacement. Keep in mind that this means the already existing surface does not need any structural work. In the case that the original surface contains too much structural damage, full removal and replacement may be the most suitable option for the project in question.

How Asphalt Overlays Can Benefit You:

  • An affordable alternative to a full asphalt reconstruction
  • The look and quality of a brand new surface without the cost of full removal
  • A great option for healthy existing site conditions needing a makeover
  • Less downtime to complete your project
  • On-time project completion that is up to industry standard

There are, however, a specific set of requirements the existing site conditions must adhere to before the overlaying process begins. Site preparation is a very important step and ensures the desired results are accomplished.


  • Existing surface must be structurally intact and leveled
  • Existing surface must be clean of debris in order to successfully bond to the overlay
  • No major/extensive repairs needed as an overlay is not the necessary procedure to fix them

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